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Music in the community

Charanga is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and is continually working towards ensuring all children and young people can have opportunities to enjoy and progress with their music-making.

While operating as a business, Charanga is committed to providing social good in everything it does.

Charanga is therefore proud to support Youth Music – a national charity that invests in grassroots organisations to help 0–25-year-olds make, learn and earn in music.

Today, Youth Music and Charanga are working in partnership to further the aim of supporting young people’s creative music-making in England, Scotland and Wales.

The partnership was originally set up to overcome the barriers to music-making resulting from COVID-19 when face-to-face delivery became increasingly complex, and access to music-making tools was limited. The partnership provided young people with additional tools to overcome these barriers.

Building on its initial success – a project that benefited over 50 community organisations and well over 1,000 young people – the partnership continues today with all Youth Music-funded organisations and the young people they support being offered free access to Charanga YuStudio, a creative music suite with three elements: